Designed with you in mind.

Rabbi Berl Goldman presents a Tzedakah box at the grand opening celebration, University of Florida

Designed with you in mind.

The Governor of Tennessee receives a sandstone-mounted Tzedakah box from Rabbi Tiechtel, Chabad of Nashville

Designed with you in mind.

Rabbi Yossi Maraozov of the Friendship Circle of Cleveland presents one of three custom shofar holders to honorees

Designed with you in mind.

Rabbi Fishel and Ettie Zaklos, Chabad JCC of Naples, presenting a pair of mounted candlesticks

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Our Collections

Donor gifts, dinner awards, custom artwork and more.
Designed with you in mind from the renowned studio of Gary Rosenthal.

“I used to look for something new every year, but all of my honorees love your Torah so much we now use the same thing every year.  One less thing to worry about!”

Leah Koretsky, FL

“I have worked with Gary for many dinners & events awards … over 18 years. He is an extremely talented artist and a real 100% Mentch! His work is very high quilty, creative and beautiful and always with a personal touch. He comes with the highest recommendations!”

Berl Goldman, Chabad at the University of Florida

“Gary the two pieces that you designed for us were absolutely magnificent and were so greatly appreciated by the recipients!”

Rabbi Mendel Bluming, Chabad of Potomac

“It was amazing. Everyone loved your art. We will definitely be in touch.”

Rabino Dovid Goldberg, Chabad Morumbi